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Our Vision

The financial revolution cryptocurrencies have started is something which began in the hearts of true visionaries.

The anarcho-capitalistic approach showed us in the last 10 years since Bitcoin was founded, that we the people are able to build a better world together without the interference of states and banks by creating a new global financial system out of the dust of the old collapsing system.

Our trust and bond is, that we believe we are all born free and created equal. We believe in blockchain technology and its strength in solving real world issues in democratic ways through cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto-Revolution is now reaching out faster and wider into the real world, our societies and economies, than ever before. We believe its time to expand the revolution into the next vital phase.

Cryptocurrencies need to get out of the shadow and into the mainstream and the daily lives of ordinary people.





The Global Issue we solve

With the emergence of the internet, and particularly, with the emergence of blogging and social media networks, readable content has become much more decentralized than it was used to be.

Every single human with access to the internet can leave content. Everyone writes and makes it available to every other human being in the network.

Decentralized publishing has the advantage of letting every person have their voice and opinion heard.

But how do readers identify good content in an ocean of decentralized sources? How do writers make readers aware that their content is worth a reading? How do good writers get payed for the content they produce?

The fastest and cleanest answer to this questions is decentralized real efficient curation.

But how can decentralized curation work? How will good curators become visible? How will they be incentivized to do the curation effort?

All these questions solves Whalemeup.

How Bloggers & Curators make Money?

Whalemeup makes whales in two ways.

It helps good bloggers to show their value and become great and helps good curators to show their value and become great. So readers can choose to only follow the content from good curators using Whalemeup.

Bloggers and curators just needed a place and a clear incentive to get in touch, thats our curation market-place:

If you want to blog you say: „I’ll do it in Whalemeup. There I can find rocket boosters for my content.“

If you want to read you say: „I’ll check a good curator in Whalemeup, where I can identify good curators of the topics I like most.“

If you want to curate you say: „Hey, I’ll do it in Whalemeup. I could get payed there.“

No one owns this project in a classical way. The users use it to prosper and so if someone would own Whalemeup, its the users like we already represented in our vision.

Not everybody will earn money with this, because not everybody is a good blogger or curator, you need to have decent skills though, but it this effort will provide decent returns for good parts of humanity.

Our Solution and Features

Building a Global Information Curation Market-Place for Social Media-Platforms

Independent native Blockchain with Atomic Swaps

We combine the best of the current blockchain technologies.

The first wave´s strength of mining coins and the seconds wave´s strength of smart contracts plus the new atomic swaps, which will lead to a multi-blockchain world.

The use of ASIC resistant Technology ensures the best for our miners and for future developments together with the community.

Superior Built-In Governance-DCO

The users need to have the ability to make their own proposals and determine further developments as they see the need for it trough a built-in decentralized governance system.

Therefore users and the core team collaborate in development and improvement efforts of the Whalemeup-blockchain.

The networks decisions are made through decentralized and democratic governance by blockchain.

The WHALE Coin with brand new Hybrid-PoW/PoP Algorithm

Its a solely GPU based Mining Coin to keep up with current global mining developments. 

We introduce a completely new Hybrid- Proof of Work and Proof of Participation Algorithmn. 

This ensures extreme network security combined with a new way of Network Activity Rewards for all of our users and endless scalability.

Treasury-DAO & the Block Reward

The Whalemeup Treasury-DAO represents our multi-sig escrow wallet, which funds the blockchains DAOs, DCOs and so all developments by automated smart contracts.

The block reward is calculated by a Consensus Mechanism between Proof of Work and Proof of Participation and generates a Dynamic Free Market Reward Allocation. This perfectly fits supply and demand.

DEI Trustless Universal Curation-DCO

We provide the trustless tools for a decentralized curation market-place for social media-platforms. 

So bloggers and curators can get in touch and work together to do the best for readers.

Therefore DEI is a rapidly self-scaling Trustless Universal Curation-Distributed Collborative Organisation (TUC-DAO). 

The information triangle of bloggers, readers and curators is perfectly served.


It´s funded by the blockchain and Core members get paid by smart contracts.

Using this kind of administration for further developments and ongoing daily business operations always keeps the blockchain in charge.

This clearly seperates the Core members from any ownership of Whalemeup.

Join our Community and become a Whale!

For General Purposes: contact@whalemeup.org

For Media Inquiries: media@whalemeup.org

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